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How to find your appliances model number

Model Numbers can help you find parts, manuals and other helpful information but manufactures don't make it easy to find. On washers, dryers, stoves and refrigerators they can all be in different areas. In this video we show you the most common places you can find the model numbers on today's appliances.
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The model number on most refrigerators is usually within 6-8 inches inward from the door in the refrigeration sections of most refrigerators.
The model number on the range is generally located on the inner edge of the range once you pull out the drawer located at the bottom of the range.
The model number on microwaves is generally located on the inner edge on the door or on the inner wall on the left.
The model number on a washer and dryer will be located on the inner edge on body of the appliance after you open it.
The model number on dishwashers is usually located on the inner edge of the tub or body once you open the door.
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